A 2.5D puzzle game where you control a conga-line of bees to pollinate flowers and reach the exit. Each level specifies the number of bees and flowers required to pass.


Lead Programmer & Designer - metakazz
Music - NanoDano , Aarrow 
SFX - BlackMucus
Level Design -  crait
3D Art and Design - Lowlande
2D Art - thatguynm
Interns - gurlgamer , BlackMucus
Playtesting - Boz


Original Developers Concept:

This prototype was based on the premise "what if a sokoban was played on a hexagonal grid?". I know. The question on everyone's mind.

It's a prototype, so please forgive the graphics and lack of sound. Just needed to get something out there. I will try to make a few more levels (which is why there are gaps in the level names) depending on how initial reception is. Otherwise, this project may never go anywhere which is okay! Lessons learned for the next one!

Please let me know any critiques or complaints you have in the comments section. Anything at all, I can take it. I think.


How To Play:

Combination of WASD keys to move (E.G S+A Bottom Left, W+A Upper Left)

Space - Landing, be sure to think before you do so! ALL the bees will land where they hover!

R - Restart Level

ESC - Menu

Leader Bee
Follower Bee

Normally you function as one beeline, but if a bee in the middle dies, then you will split into different beelines and all other bees separated from any other will become a Leader Bee until reunited.

Red Tiles:                                                             


Be wary of these! If any of your poor bee friends is to land on this tile, you can kiss them goodbye! It is not necessary to save every bee, but it is necessary to save just enough of your friends to complete the level.


A Normal Flower

A Crossbred Flower

As a bee, flowers are your best friend! Your goal is to transfer pollen and crossbreed between one or multiple flowers to complete the level! You cannot pollinate flowers that are faded out.


                                                              Any bee can land on any flower to become pollinated and will be surrounded by an aura.



When all of the level requirements have been completed, the Beehive will open and you and your friends will finally be able to return to the hive! Be wary, just because the beehive is open, does not mean you have  met the requirements necessary to complete the level!


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The trail of bees and limited movement make this really interesting. Vibes are also calming with this title.

A cool idea and a happy little game!

great game, i enjoyed it very much!